Tuesday, July 1, 2008


What a great day it was here. One of the most inspiring things about Anusara Yoga to me these days is the people it is attracting. This afternoon in the Immersion we spent mostly on "geting to know you" and "getting oriented to the Immersion." I was floored by all the people in the room and how open, dedicated and committed they are. It was really great. The introductions took a little longer than I expected but I think it was really worth the time so that we could all get a sense of who had gathered.

We had 44 people in the morning asana class, 32 of whom have signed up for the Immersion which includes the morning asana class and afternoon Immersion Sessions. We worked on "Remembering the Universal" and moving from the Back Body First in the asana class. We worked almost entirely with actions and not lingo and reviewed some basics- things like arm bones back and side ribs back and thighs back and even ankles back so that we were moving into the back body and initiating movement from there. My intention today was to establish a cohesive group and to not blow anybody out! We will keep building on today's work tomorrow with The Primary Flows of Energy. Really, this week I want to line out all the principles as they apply to a good well-rounded class so that as we continue next time we can work on refining the principles and fine tuning our understanding of them and also advancing the poses in which we apply them. This is a strong group and I think they are going to progress to some really great stuff throughout the week. I know many of them are already practicing pretty advanced poses.

Time for bed. Lack of sleep has caught up with me and as my Dad used to say "the sleep monster has grabbed me."

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