Monday, July 14, 2008


Kelly and I spent the day together yesterday. We walked the dogs, went on another short bike ride, made a great lunch out of our leftovers and then sat down to read in our new big lazy-boy-and-girl chairs. We both fell asleep for almost an hour! Then we went to the store I made some Cowboy Caviar to have later for dinner with the fresh black-eye peas I got out of the Greenling box and then I did a great yoga practice. After dinner Kelly gave me an acupuncture treatment while we watched the Tour de-France for a while and then we went to bed. All in all, a great day.

I am trying an experiment for a few weeks where I am only checking my email and blog once a day. After I spent HOURS of my vacation allowing someone else's crisis to become my own- all of which was based on mis-information, projection, assumption and which was further complicated by the innocent comments of others which served to inflame the situation further-- I realized that being readily available is not always a good thing for me and my inner peace and well-being. Now this phenomena is not other people's fault. Not at all. The fault lies with my addictive nature, compulsively checking "life online". Although in this particular case, I would have needed to not answer my phone either. But the point remains the same. And regardless of fault, the responsiblity for the "solution" lies solely with me and my choices.

ALong those lines, while on my vacation, I realized I want to have my primary life and focus not be "on-line" and in order to do that, I need a few boundaries. (See the theme- in order to have "freedom from the compulsion" I must make a boundary about involvement; in order to "have time off" I have to be disciplined in the way that I use my time. Like that.) So one day into my grand experiment, I realized that I have lots more time to spend on fun, rejuvenating things if I do not squander my time online. (I think this is why my Teacher considers the internet the Anti-Christ. Well, one of many reasons, anyway!)

So today, I am actually going to send the finished manuscript of my book (The Body is My Temple, My Heart is the Shrine-- how is that for a tease?) to John and a few other reviewers. And since that project involves a visit to Kinko's I have a little Kinko's project I need to do for the upcoming TT. Yippee. Okay, signing off for today.


Emma at South Mountain Yoga said...

so, so true about 1) the internet being the devil, checking yr email over and over being addictive and crazy making and 2) how small comments or encounters can snowball into very dicey interpersonal situations.

whatnot said...

OMG now i feel like an enabler. =)

nice to meet you, addictive personality! I'm your buddy, miss co-dependency.

Christina Sell said...


Leanne said...

You kill me Ari.
I check Christina's blog everyday as a part of my studentship... she always keep me thinking in different ways. (But then again maybe I am just trying to justify being on this damn thing...)