Monday, July 28, 2008

So it is Day Two here at The Feathered Pipe Ranch. The retreat has really been great. The general overview is that there are about 50 people here from all over the states. The group has been ssplit into two groups (Affectionately called "the big kids" -those who can do 5 minute sirsasana, 5 minute sarvangasana and who can push to urdhva danurasana with straight arms unassisted and "the little kids"- those who cannot do those things.) So Patricia and John take turns teaching the big kids and the little kids. So yesterday we had morning asana class and afternoon pranayama class with Patricia and today we had morning asana and afternoon pranayama with John. They are both really excellent in their own way.(In case you are wondering, we are in the big kids group.)

This morning's class was simple in many ways and yet that was part of what was so exquisite about it. It was a good solid Iyengar Yoga standing pose class with long holds, lots of details that left our legs feeling like jello. Yet throughout, my chest kept getting lighter and lighter and my mind more and more expansive. Get the legs to work, and wow- good things happen.

After a snack, me, Rachel, Anne and Timothy went for a hike again. We did the same hour long walk we did yesterday. We had a good time and laughed a lot. I made friends with Timothy on the very first night we were here. He is funny, sarcastic, insightful and loads of fun. (Sound like someone else we all know and love?) He is also a writer and so we have had some fun talking about writing. He wrote this really great book called Yoga As Medicine. Buy it. Read it. Tell everyone about it. (I am talking to him about coming to Ausitn for a talk or workshop. That would be fun, huh?) He was a doctor for ten years and ha since left practicing medicine (He told me is "downwardly mobile") and so he has a great perspective and ideas on medicine, health and the problems with our current paradigm of health care. Patricia was his first yoga teacher. Timothy said, "Every ten years or so she starts a new group of beginners and ten years ago, I was in one of those groups. And I stayed with it and the class progressed."

Then we had lunch and then we went for a swim and canoe adventure in the lake and then it was time for pranayama class, which was fantastic.

I am having a really super time and learning a lot. I am feeling a sense of ease and freedom that I usually do not expereince in Iyengar Yoga environments. Some of it I think is because Patricia and John are great teachers who are not grinding some ax or out to prove anything and the mood of being on retreat is a bit softer. Also I think I just decided to be myself and not be so worried about "getting in trouble" or "looking good" or particiapting in the endless varities of manifestations on the theme of my personal neurosis. It is really fantastic to just be a friend to myself as I am and not try to be someone different.

Scenes from the day--

Randy Just at breakfast drinking his coconut water. Randy has a great studio in Dallas.

Anne at breakfast.
Rachel at breakfast.
Timothy, at breakfast.
Anne, in vasisthasana at the lookout on our walk.
Anne, deciding whether or not navasana is a good idea or not on those rocks.
Rachel and Timothy on the hike.
Timothy, up close and personal...

Getting the canoe in the water...
Emptying the water out of the canoe...
This was a row boat we were going to take out but it had a hole. That is what I am pointing to.
The lawn. The view from the lake.
My back and a fly that landed there.
Rachel out on the water. Me, practicing mud flap girl.
Me and Anne on the water.
This was a joke shot because I was pulling us onto the shore and Anne was impressed by "The Flex." I think I look ridiculous but Anne is making me post this. Okay then- more to come. Dinner is soon and then we have Timothy's talk about his book to go to.

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Leanne said...

Ok I just have to say this - I LOVE your back- you with your tara are beautiful. Ok now I have said it ....