Thursday, July 17, 2008

Missed the Blog Window

Yesterday I got earlier than usual to meditate and do my pranayama and japa practices before our 7am meeting with Carlos Pomeda.

After the meeting (which due to Skype complications never really got off the ground) I practiced asana before showering and heading up to Austin for a session with Craig. Then Kelly, Anne and I went to lunch at Central Market- home of a fantastic veggie burger. I dropped Kelly off to school, Anne and I went to Costco and stocked up on some essentials (as well as some non-essentials like Kettle Chips, proof yet again of the benevolence of the Divine. I mean how Good are those chips?!) I picked Kelly up from school and we came home for a mellow evening at home. (We watched a little of Le Tour and a few episodes of King of the Hill which is one of TV shows of all time.)

Anyway in all of that yesterday, I missed a good window for writing on my blog. Anyway, here I am this morning answering a stack of emails that came in yesterday. My plan after walking the dogs in a little while is to do a restorative practice, and then to finalize my class plans for the weekend before I go up to Austin to teach and for Craig's class tonight. Not too much exciting to report about today.

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone in class tonight. I have not been there for three weeks so I hope there is actually still a class! I will be there next week (July 24) also but the following week (July 31) I am going to be at Feathered Pipe in Iyengar Yoga Land with Anne for a retreat with Patricia Walden and John Schumaker. (Then I am home for two weeks and then gone for a week. blah blah blah.)

All right then- more later.

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