Friday, July 25, 2008

So excited So Bummed

Okay- so we had a massive rainstorm yesterday and I thought to myself, "Christina you should probably leave a little early this afternoon to get to Austin safely." So I leave my house at 3:30 which would give me a full hour to get to YogaYoga South. And really it only takes me 35 minutes on a good day so this is PLENTY of time, I think. Except for a wreck. Evidently there was a wreck on the highway, right at the Onion Creek exit. Northbound Highway 35 had been closed for 2 1/2 hours. And then at some point,they opened up one lane of traffic. The traffic was backed up all the way to Kyle.

To give you an idea- I take exit 204 off the highway in San Marcos and it took me 2 full hours to get to exit 220. So that is 8 miles an hour. Actually it was worse than that because it took me 1 1/2 hours to go from mile marker 217 to exit 220, at which point I am still almost 20 miles from YY South! There was no way I was going to make either of my classes last night. Lucky for me Anne was there and so she could pinch hit. Also J-Man was there, Alice was there and so I knew someone capable, competent and inspiring would teach it. (And on the upside, like Anne said, my classes are planned for the week I get back!)

But I was really excited about teaching (As I mentioned yesterday morning) so I was really bummed to miss my classes and I was looking forward to seeing everybody. I had two fabulous sequences planned and I am getting ready to be gone for a week so I was looking forward to being there. Funny, though, is that my theme for the night was concealment and revelation and so I kept laughing (Well, sort of laughing...I must admit that sitting in traffic that long challenges even my sense of humor, which is saying something since I laugh at most things...) that "Well the road is certainly concealed."

At any rate- sorry guys. I tried. And I would have much rather been teaching then sitting in a rainstorm at a dead standstill on the highway for 2 1/2 hours. That is for sure.

Now on a positive note - I am going to resume teaching on Tuesday nights in Austin in the fall. I think the 4:30 and 6:00 at Westgate which I gave up for the summer but Lori is so kindly giving me back. (Or some other classes at that same time that she is going to give me to teach. Stay tuned for those details to come as the YY scheduling machine irons out the nitty gritty of the fall schedule.)

Until then though, I think those of us not going to Mandy's class up north we should start meeting for the Tuesday night sweat fest with Matt at the South Studio. That is what I am going to do until September when I teach again on Tuesdays. Think about it- 4:30 flow and/or 6:00 Ashtanga and/or a bite to eat at Central Market while I wait for Kelly to get out of class... Sounds like a fun plan, huh? (And then by the time I am teaching again everyone's arms are going to be so buff from all that chataranga. Either buff or blown out but we can work with either! That is the genius of our method!)

Anyway, I won't be there this week (Although feel free to get it started without me) but the week I get home I will be there with bells on- and very little clothing. (I mean really, it is hot in that room.) Although I am thinking- maybe there would be less slipping with longer pants on... These are the questions we ask.

Have a great day.


Lisa said...

Wow, I can't believe we are going to get you two days a week again! That is such amazing news. And since you travel so often I will be able to get you AND the amazing Miss Mandy on Tuesday nights. And Anne covering most of the Thursdays that you are out of town is so great. She really rocked the 4:30 yesterday! :-)
I'm so sorry you were stuck on 35; that is so frustrating. My parents were driving back from Phoenix to Prescott a couple of weeks ago and a semi jack-knifed on 17. They were literally in one spot for 4.5 hours. Can you imagine? I'm just grateful that they had picked up some water before they headed out...I'm sure the temp was at or close to 100 degrees. UGH! Apparently they had something with them that they needed to study, and they got out and walked around and made some new friends with people in neighboring cars. So they made the best of the situation, but yuck! :-) Have a lovely day...

Anasazi said...

Wow, what a terrible tale of traffic woes. You'd think we had the edge of a hurricane passing through town or something!

Anne did rock the classes yesterday! Her "theme" in the 6:00 class was the restorative concept sandblasting furniture before refinishing it. Craig picked up this theme a little bit later on with the idea of preparing the ground in our lives so that the divine can emerge. And it sounds like you had your nerves rubbed raw on the highway, so we definitely had a theme threading its way through the evening.

I'm glad we're going to get you back into town on Tuesdays this fall. That's going to be awesome!

Leanne said...

I know I sound like a mom but at least you were all right! Sorry I missed you last night on line - I feel a chat and some chai would be great with you right now.

Jen said...

I snuck myself away, and was so sad that you were not there. Anne was great! I am gald to hear that you were fine. I must have just missed the accident, cause I got in about 2:30 that day..whew!!