Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Vancouver Day Two

Another great day at the Immersion here in BC. This morning we worked with Primary Flows of Energy today in a very similar sequence to yesterday with a brief foray into some beginning arm balances. I tied Muscular Energy and Organic Energy to the the two main reasons to practice Anusara Yoga- to Know One's Self and to Express One's Self. Everyone did a great job and brought really excellent studentship to the class.

This afternoon we began with watching Carol Pomeda's video on The History of Yoga and spent a little time discussing it and the ideas is brought up. People had insightful comments to share, thoughtful questions and seemed to really process the information. We did a brief flow practice as a "palette cleanser" before diving into some basic anatomy starting with a discussion of The Optimal Blueprint and then an overview of the the skeleton. I had hoped to get to some analysis of muscle energy and organic energy done but we didn't get to it.

One thing that the last Immersion in Austin taught me is to trust the process. The major things are going to get covered in the 108-hours. An hour here and an hour there is not such a big deal. Mostly what we want to accomplish is a good solid grounding in the fundamentals and the process is more important than the content. How we get "there" is more important than actually getting there.

Actually I am inclined to think there is no "there" to get to. What we are doing is sharing a journey together in an Immersion and/or in a Teacher Training and/or in the Certification Process and/or in our life as practitioners of this yoga. That sharing is the there. Sure there are milestones along the way that we set as markers and goals and times to assess and review our progress. Absolutely. But those pauses and demarcations are really just that. If we learned every bullet point in the curriculum but failed to realize the incredible people with whom we are sharing the journey then we would not be practicing Anusara Yoga.

And the journey just keeps going and we all keep learning and growing. I think one of the real standards for certification candidates is "Is this person committed to continued study and learning and self-development?" We can have perfect articulation skills, and be able to make great adjustments but if someone is not committed to staying close to John and other certified teachers then I think they are less ready than someone who is weak in those areas but strong in studentship.

Both however is good. And we are not far off my plans nor are we careening into an abyss of wasted time. Not by a long shot.

Tonight we went to Dharma Kitchen for some yummy food with some friends who live here. Jim and Lalitha are friends of mine from Arizona who recently moved to way-North Washington and they crossed the border for dinner which was great. Good food. Good Company. It was nice to see them. Some other folks I have met over the years joined us and we had a really nice time.

Pauline, one of the Immersion participants was there and she mentioned that she had read about the place on my blog from my last visit. This reminded me that yesterday I did not recap my lovely food experiences as I normally do. There is great food to eat here. (Perhaps I should re-name my blog to yoga and food... ) Yesterday for lunch we went to this new place which is next to East is East (Best Chai ever and great Indian food) and Chai (excellent Indian/Ayurvedic/almost Moroccan food in a funky atmosphere) and is called Spice or something like that. We had a great coconut and lemongrass/ginger soup and some kind of yummy bread thing with it. Anyway the same person owns all three places and they are all three awesome. Last night Shelley cooked us a great meal of veggies, rice and spinach in cream sauce. Yum. Tonight was the Dharma Kitchen.

Okay, must lay down.
Other good news is that Regina sent the final edits to my house and so I am having Anne bring them to me and soon I can pass the manuscript to John for his review. Yippee. Yahoo.

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