Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Well Good Morning

Kelly and I are up and finishing breakfast. Kelly is ranting about things he is reading in the newspaper and I am catching up on email and perusing this very cute site for greyhound lovers that has some super cute picture of greyhounds and some really sweet stories.

I went on a bike ride yesterday morning while it was still sort of cool. That was very fun. Then I did a nice long yoga practice to help un-do all the tightness that riding a bike often creates for me. (Can you say quad stretches and upper back back bends?) Kelly was at school in Austin all day so I enjoyed the time to catch up on some work, putter around the house and make some phone calls. I also watched a few videos that I have had on my desk a while.

I was so impressed by Carol Wray's video (from the White Rock, BC gang- those of you who were in Park City for the therapy training with John will remember Carol because she was my beautiful demo for the reverse Vira 2 during the class I taught there.) She filmed the fifth session of her beginning series and it was so great to see a video with someone really teaching her students rather than a choreographed yoga performance. Her presence was great, she was genuinely interested in her students and she really helped them improve. LOVED IT.

Lauren (Also from White Rock) gave me a few snippets of her teaching to watch. (She had lots of technical difficulties- not with her class but with the camera!) Lauren's enthusiasm and love for the practice of yoga is so infectious. She has so much passion and commitment and a genuine desire to serve and even in the first few minutes of her opening talk that came shining through. I know she was probably a bit nervous but I loved how "herself" she was still able to be even on a video. So fun.

It was great to watch those videos right after completing a TT here because I realized that the process really does work. These two women are not the same teachers they were when they first started the immersion and then the teacher training. It is so cool to see how they have worked with the principles of teaching and through their dedication and practice have blossomed into great representatives of the method. I was very inspired. (And I must say a bit proud!)

Today I am going to hang with Genevieve for a little while and then go to yoga with Anne. (Anyone want to join us for Matt's flow class (4:30)or his Ashtanga class at South (6:00)? This summer, since I have a little extra time, I am trying to get to some more public classes in all different traditions and with different teachers. So anyway, that's my agenda for the day.

And now, off to walk my fabulous dogs before the heat sets in.

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