Monday, July 7, 2008

Tofino, BC

Jeff, Anne's boyfriend (with whom she is discussing getting a puppy...just a blog-bit of gossip relative to their relationship and private joke, sort of.) said that many years ago he visited Tofino, BC and the reason why he wanted to go there is because it is "where the road ended." AN apt description in many ways. Tofino is a gorgeous place that feels a little like being on edge of the world.

Anne and I took a ferry from Vancouver over to Vancouver Island and then we drove to Tofino which is about 3 hours from there, on the far west coast of Vancouver Island. We are so far north that the days are super long right now so we had time once we got in, to eat the dinner we had procured at Whole Foods in Vancouver and still take a walk on the beach before dark. It was low tide and the scenery was absolutely stunning.

We are staying in Sarah and John's A-frame cabin. They are friends from Prescott from when they were students at Prescott College. Sarah was a yoga student of mine also and John worked for Kelly at the coffee shop. Now all these years later, they have two kids, a full life in BC and a little a-frame cabin they are letting us stay in for a few days. It has this great view out the back and is nestled down in the trees on the side of a hill. There is an awesome outdoor tub where we both took a bath (..not at the same time, mind you. Anne and I are close, but not that close.)

We are having lunch and internet-time in town at Cafe Vincente and then we are going to walk around town a bit before meeting Sarah for our surf lesson!!! Yippee. (We even brough Blue Crush to watch although neither of us can seem to break away from Big Love .)

A few pictures...Anne on the back deck. Anne again...
The tub. The trees. The side of the hill.
THe A-frame.
Have a good day.


Jen said...

I want a vacation with sand and beach! Actually, I would rather be doing anythng else right now than potty training :(
Have a wonderful time!!

Leanne said...

Looks marvelous- that cabin is so cute! I hope the surfing lesson went well. (Say hi to Sarah :>) )

Enjoy your sister time with Anne.
I just finished reading The Red Tent and I am very into sisterhood right now...good thing I have three!

mandy said...

I love the bathtub....that is so cool.

Chris Newlin said...

ooooooo.... Big Love. Ah yes. Leaves you feeling somewhat funny and yet you keep coming back for more. love you, happy surfing, Meg