Monday, June 30, 2008


I am Los Angeles with some time to kill and the need to charge up my laptop so I am in Starbucks sitting with some peppermint tea and a very expensive bottle of water stealing some electricity.

I went to Annick's Ashtanga class this morning which was kind of interesting. We made a brief foray into the second series through ardha matsyendrasana and then she just gave everyone the last 30 minutes to do whatever they wanted and finish however we wanted. I was a bit disappointed by the ending because everything was so tight and orderly up to that point and I was there for guidance (or so I thought!) and I really felt the benefit of the structure this morning. More importantly is that I do not know the second series very well. Had she turned me loose in the primary series it would have been no big deal I could could have performed a reasonable semblance of things. (And seems like they do finish up the same way but it was so abrupt of a shift it really caught me off guard. I am thinking to myself "Somewhere in there there is a scorpion and some arm balances...." At one point she looked at me and said, "You know, drop back, do whatever you want." I am thinking, "Whatever I want relative to the Ashtanga Second Series or just whatever I want?? Obviously I know how to practice alone and I know how to take class and follow instructions but I am not so good at the in-between aspect of things. Different mindset for me.) So I busted out some back bends which really felt awesome. (That is the beauty of the 2nd series evidently! My back bends on the day I went to Primary Series class felt like shit. I was however in the zone with everything else that day!)

Anyhoo- it was sweaty, enjoyable and fun which was pretty much want I wanted. And she seems like a wealth of knowledge and experience. And because of how I am you better believe I am going to do a bit of study and memorizing of the second series. Flailing is suh motivation for me!

Then I went to Anne's to shower (She is right the furniture I gave her looks great in her house!) and then I met Kelly for a veggie burger at Central Market. While we were sitting there Jessie came in and so he sat down for a while with us and I really enjoyed visiting with him. (And he was really was still glowing and clear-eyed from the weekend.)

Kelly went back to class and Anne and I went and got Mani/Pedis. I branched out of red and went with an orange and peach theme. I think I like red better but the change is kind of fun. And really nail polish is a great place to deal with impermanence and the transitory nature of phenomena.

Anne took me to the airport and then all the United Flights were delayed so my itinerary was changed. So now instead of getting to Vancouver at 8pm I get in around 11:30. Ugh. The good news is I got upgraded to First Class for free. Tomorrow morning we start at 9 which might be a bit brutal but most likely will catch up with me more like Wednesday! I called Shelley and said "This might call for Lattes tomorrow morning" to which my consummate host replied, "I know just the place!" Chances are I wil be able to sleep on the plane though. At least some.

I guess that is about it for now. More to come.


Leanne said...

classy! I will see your pink nails on Wednesday and Thursday as I have to teach tomorrow and fly Friday to Sunday. Hope you were able to catch some zzz's.

Love Leanne :>)

Christina Sell said...

peach, not pink. Maybe pink next.(You know how much I like pink!)