Friday, July 18, 2008

Scenes from DAY ONE

A few scenes from the day. We began the day with a check in that made me realize that people were really "full" emotionally. So I asked the group, "How many of you feel like your last week has been highly emotional?" Everyone raised their hand. So instead of launching into Basics of Sequencing and so forth I started with a set of questions:

1. Briefly describe what has been going on for you. (And they shared in small groups.)
2. What lesson do you feel like you are learning from this challenge? What yogic principle is this challenge asking you to embrace? (And then more sharing.)
3. How does this relate to Anusara Yoga philosophy?
4. How does this relate to chit-ananda?
5. What kinds poses and/or which UPA's might best reflect this lesson/yogic principle? (And then more sharing.)

So by the time we got to the last group of questions, people were on to me- we were in an experiential exercise of "Making a Heart-based theme by going from the personal to the Universal." (Ta-dahh! Just like that.) Although in Pammy's words of wisdom, "That was quite a process to go through just to plan a class!" "Well, we gotta start with where we are," I replied.

And that is the cool thing in Tantra, we just start where we are with the recognition that we have everything we need within our present circumstance to grow on the Path if we know how to mine our experience skillfully. Starting this training this way was really just "going with the flow" and making use of the raw material we had as a group. Plus, really, how often are any of us in a room with 16 people who are dedicated to personal growth according to yogic principles and who have committed tremendous time and resources to learning how to help others to do just that? What better time that a TT to get some emotional support? Really.

There is always the reason why we come to any training or group gathering (learning sequencing tools and so forth. John calls this the Explicit Reason) and then "The Reason" why we come (getting support, understanding, compassion, assistance, etc. John calls this the Implicit Reason) and as a teacher I always want to make sure that both domains are being served as much as possible. I love watching both domains reveal themselves over the course of a gathering like this. I find that infinitely inspiring.

We reviewed some articulation skills before lunch and spent the afternoon working on a general overview of External Links for an all-levels class. Here are some pics from the afternoon.

Partner teaching.

Alice again... sequencing exercise...
Valerie, Tabatha and Chelsea discussing their sequence.
Tabatha- looking studious and thoughtful..


Dawn and Valerie (Note the very nice Kula-shirt)
Jen and Kim brainstorming
Dawn and Valerie exchanging feedback and a few laughs.
Jen and Kim again.

Okay and that's a wrap until tomorrow. And I must say it does not get better than teaching these trainings in my home studio. On a personal note, that has been tremendously clarifying and inspiring. So, get ready to drive to San Marcos for future trainings and immersions- there may be no going back for Christina Sell!Like Ana (another San Marcos resident who is attending the training) said, "This can really spoil you." Yes, indeed.

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