Sunday, July 13, 2008

Glorious Day

I had a glorious day at home yesterday.

After catching up on my blog and correspondences yesterday morning, Kelly and I went on a little bike ride. It was so fun to be on my bike again. I think it has been like 2 years since I last rode which is why the ride was "little"- like 8 or 9 miles. It was a lot of fun though. After that I did A LOT of quad and hamstring stretching to ward off the stiffness and tightness that sets in after such pursuits.

We made a great lunch (pasta primavera) and then I worked some in my office while Kelly studied. I did about 6 loads of laundry yesterday. (How exotic tending the home fires actually is.) Later in the afternoon I did a great asana practice and then we made an excellent dinner. I made baba ganoush with the eggplant we got from Greenling's and we grilled our Greenling squash and zucchini and I made tabbouleh as well. Yummy. Also at some point yesterday I made some frozen yogurt with the yogurt we got from Greenling's. I haven't tried it yet but Kelly had some and reported it was very tasty.

Can you tell that how Christina Sell gets grounded after being away from home for two weeks is by cooking? Hmmm....

Time to go walk the dogs and then head to the river for some kayaking.

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