Thursday, July 24, 2008

Had a most excellent day yesterday that really felt like summer vacation. I met Pam for an afternoon of frolicking at her club. We did some asana in a very swanky little yoga/pilates studio and then hung out by the pool and then join the other 8-year olds for the water slide. We were instructed by the girls to "try the open one first since it was less scary." We did as we were told and then moved up to the covered slide. Which, yes, was scarier but much more fun. I think Pam and I went down the slide almost 10 times- each time as fun as the last.

I spent some time on email this morning with my friend Elena Brower who has a great studio in New York called ViraYoga. She and I are planning a retreat to Hawaii or Panama in February 2010. (Back to my previously mentioned plan of teaching with my favorite people when possible.) So if you want to go to some beautiful island somewhere with two beautiful Anusara Yoga teachers (I mean really, Elena is stunning, check out her press on her site. Can you say SUPERMODEL? All together now, SUPER- MODEL.) She also happens to be a super person, a super teacher, a super practitioner, and a super mother. I love her. So, one of the first two weeks in February 2010- exact dates and places TBD.

Kelly and I had planned to make a day trip down to Corpus Christi to meet Michelle for some surfing lessons and playing at the beach. But this plan was put in motion before Hurricane Dolly was a reality. So that kind of put a damper on the surfing plan. Anne and I leave on Saturday for Feathered Pipe. I am very excited about it. (So I am teaching tonight but next Thursday Jeremiah will teach at 4:30 and Alice will teach at 6:00. ) I did spend some time deciding what to bring to wear- do I go for the full Iyengar uniform- bloomers, short-sleeved shirts that can be tucked in or prana shorts and modest tank tops, or the full cute matching prana outfits that will attract undue attention to me as someone who does not really belong... After a lot of thought, I am going with the middle option- prana shorts (cuter than bloomers but not bell bottoms or too trendy) and modest, yet stylish shirts and tanks. (Funny, the things I think about but that is another story.)

The other thing that is going to be fun about this retreat is that my friend Rachel Peters (who now runs Prescott Yoga) is meeting me and Anne in Montana for the retreat. I love hanging out with Rachel and so it is an added bonus to have her coming with us. Plus it will be her first foray into Iyengar Yoga Land, which will be fun to be part of. And starting with Patrica and John, well, that is starting pretty close to the top. Rachel is a great yogi so she will be fine.

Tonight is class in Austin, which is going to be great. With my reduced schedule of classes I really look forward to teaching. And now off to practice.

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Svetha said...

Ooooo, cool, I just went to ViraYoga today. I'm in NYC before we leave for Hong Kong tomorrow! I didn't take class with Elena but I had a fun time at the studio. You can see what I wrote about it in my new blog...
Well, I miss all of you in Austin so keep in touch with me through my blog! xoxo.