Saturday, July 5, 2008

More pics

And a few more smiling faces...

A few more pictures to share with ya'll. We finished up the week with an awesome practice of backbends leading into eka pada rajakapotasana with so many people touching there foot behind their head for the very first time ever. We discussed The Bhagavad Gita this afternoon and then reviewed some of the basics of the UPAs to review the week.
This was an absolutely incredible week. We had an amazingly cohesive group. Everyone was open, receptive, hard working, insightful and dedicated. No big egos, no drama queens, just great yogis who seemed to be slowly falling in love with one another and with the practice of Anusara Yoga.
Really, between the TT in Austin for four days and these five days I think this last week or so has been the most inspiring teaching I have ever done. I do not mean externally inspiring, like I was inspiring to others. I mean that I have been personally inspired by my students and by the opportunity to teach Anusara Yoga. These two trainings were just as good as it gets. It is hard to explain but I just felt awed, lucky, supported and utilized in my bliss and passion. So amazing. Really.
Well, Anne is here for our vacation to Tofino which starts tomorrow. Lots to look forward to- surfing, whale watching, massages, the beach...

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Lisa said...

Hello! The pictures are inspiring, too. Can't wait to have you back, but I'm so happy that it has been such a wonderful experience. I just signed up for immersion round 2, and can't wait to get started. Hope you and Anne have an amazing week. Love!!