Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Morning

Okay Meg- what would you like- black tank or dark heather grey t? Size? And hubby?

Classes last night in San Marcos were really fun. There were a few folks missing with Soring Break but we still had a great group. The sutra of the week is 1.21" To those who are supremely dedicated and devoted, the Divine Truth will be revealed."

As a side note, I must say that I LOVE the translation that Nischala Joy Devi offers in her new book, The Secret of Yoga, or something like that. Really, the tone is encouraging, she offers very real-life examples and I think she preserves the meaning while keeping the subject accessible. I highly recommend this book and after diving into the sutras for so long through the very tough translations and commentaries of Mr. Iyengar, this book is like a breath of fresh air and I must say more Anusara Yoga -compatible. So we will be using this book in the immersions from now on, I think.

As another side note, Anne bought me a copy of this book at Nishcala's book signing and so we have her to thank. And also Laura Forsyth who brought her to YY. ( Nischala, not Anne. Although, I brought Anne to YY so you can thank me for that! )

Anyway- at 5:30 the Level 3 class made their first foray into hanumanasana after a lot of quad stretching, hip opening and hamstring stretching. It went quite well. Level 1 worked on standing poses and seated twists. I do love teaching my classes down here. It is so great to have such regular students and to just walk across my driveway to work. Everyone is making so much progress.

Every time I teach down here I think I should teach down here more and then I think, when would that be? But anyway- perhaps I will switch things around in the fall. At some point I need to liberate another night in the week from teaching altogether so I actually have a day off! I am sort of watching to see where the attendance is the least in my classes to decide where that time will be taken from. But anyway- nothing changes in the next few months other than me being gone a ton. (Two weeks in March, one week in April, a week in May, a week in June, two weeks in July, Two weeks in August. Like that. it is a busy time.)

Must walk the dogs, practice asana, write and then I am off to teach in Austin tonight. Oh and everyone will be happy to know that Indy made it through the storm without too much additional trauma. I think it might have been a bonding because he is now right under my feet a the table and there is no rain today. Of course, Mom usually gives him a dog biscuit this time of morning under the table so he could just be waiting for food. This is actually a bit more likely.

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