Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Birthday

Last night we had Anusara Yoga Happy birthday classes for Kim and for Tabatha. There is a weird tradition in Anusara Yoga where you have a birthday party in class by doing one sun salutation for every year that someone has been alive. The reason I say that it is a weird tradition is that at some point the endeavor, the birthday person is listening to the groans of the group and begins feeling guilty for "making everyone do it"! Although it is the teacher making everyone do it and not their fault at all! But really, John has been doing this as long as I have known him and so many of us teachers follow in that tradition.

Yesterday was a kind of long day but pretty productive. I sent another section of writing off to my editor and so now I have four of the six sections completed in what we call in our family "shitty rough draft form". (Maybe what I sent her was a step up from that, to give myself just a little credit!) I think this idea comes from Anne Lammott's writing advice that the best thing to do in witting is to write a shitty rough draft. Get the ideas out first and then refine them later. this way you do not get so caught up in the perfectionist details along the way that you thwart you overall movement and momentum. And I learned on my first project, that a good editor is essential. And I adore my editor for so many reasons.

Mike and Susana and Susan all double dipped. The Westgate center was eerily quiet last night at 6 and 7:30. Maybe people were voting. Anyway- I have a conference call in a few minutes with our study group and I must get going to get myself organized for that.

Mom and Dad leave tomorrow for their trip to Italy. They will leave Indy, their dog, with us for the month. Interestingly enough, most of that responsibility will fall to Kelly as I am gone this weekend and then for two straight weeks at the end of the month. So Kelly will be at home with the furry family. Fun for him. Maybe.

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mandy said...

Have a great trip Christina. I will miss your class today as I was up here on the Northside attending Liz B. video debut as an Anusara Inspired hopeful....which she did a fab job as always. Anyways can't wait to be back in your class in gosh....April!
Safe travels.