Saturday, March 22, 2008

Homeward Bound

It has been hard to write because the internet connection in Cosat Rica was unreliable to say the least.

So Wednesday afternoon I had the opportunity to be part of a photo shoot with John for hands on adjusting. He is making a ook where all kinds of handson adjustments will be picutred and explained. It is going to be a great resource. I was one of the models which amounted to doing poses repeatedly while John made different adjustments and Larissa took shots while Christy and Kelly and Cat all made sure the details were right- (her hair is in her face, lift you side body, more through the inner heel, etc.) It was kind of like getting a private lesson and at one point-like on the 10th urdhva danurasana with John cranking on my upper back he gave me some excelelnt clues about how to deepen that pose and overcome my carrying angles. He said that in all this time he had never really realized how bad they were. (insurmountable deformities!) Anyway, it is a great thrill to get to be part of that project.

Then we had an informal practice with John before dinner. We did a lot of work with organic energy and rooting to rise.

Then Thursday Morning I met with John about the book and he gave me some suggestions and so I worked on them that day. Thursdays practices were hard- partly because John took lots of questions so we didn't really have a strong asana momentum but we got some great info. But partly it was hard because I was so sore and tight from the weird phot shoot "practice".

I felt great in practice on Friday and we did a rockin backbend practice in the morming and a lucsious forward bend/pranayama practice in the afternoon. Friday night we had the Folly's which was pretty fun. The only poem read was actually good. Some great and surprising muscial offerrings and the skit I was in "Kula and the gang" was a huge hit. Me, Christy, Cat, Kelly and Neesha did a white- girl- hip- hop-rapping- recap of the week. Very funny. Very fun. (Just imagine Om namah shivaya guruve to a hip hop beat with some break dancing yoga moves. Hard to imagine? yes, well trust me. It was funny.)

So anyway- it was a fun week with lots of insight and good times. Mostly, it seems there is a lot of joy to be had in just being with other people who practice Anusara Yoga. We are really in good company.

And the book goes to my editor today. YAY!


Leanne said...

You? Hip Hop?! You are so full of surprises! I am sure the book will be most excellent. Daffodils and cherry blossoms are waiting for you up north- can't wait to see you!
(BTW- what are "carrying angles"? are they points where you bear the most weight?)

Lisa said...

SO much to look forward to...your book, John's book, you in John's book, your anxiously awaited return, woooo hooo! Now if only I had a video of that rap! Oh, Leanne, I want to feel smart, so let me tell you that Christina showed us that our female arms are angled outward below the elbow more than a male's because of milennia of carrying babies. SO interesting! Love, Lisa

Leanne said...

So I have carrying angles at the hips Actually it's not so funny = that's part of why my right SI is so wacky!
Thanks Lisa! :>)

Lisa said...

:-) Have a wonderful day and (I'm deducing that Christina is coming to your studio?) enjoy the workshop! It sounds like it's beatiful in Vancouver now!