Saturday, March 15, 2008

Day One

So-- I was sitting at the Starbuck's in Houston, proofreading my writing and in walks John Friend.We sat and had a nice chat for a while and then he got on an earlier plane to Costa Rica.

After an uneventful trip- although waiting for my bags in Costa Rica was epic and we landed in a down pour of tropical rain- we made it to Pura Vida. (Very nice place.) I unpacked and went in search of the practice hall to get a practice in and John and a small group was practicing there so I got to practice with them for a while. He was really on fire- we were in crazy backbends in about 45 minutes. (not typically how I practice when I get of a plane- I am typically more into the whole- inversions, forward bends and soothing kind of practice post travel- but well, if John wanted to do drop backs, viparita chakrasana, ekapada rajakapotasana and valkilyasana, I am game. He actually helped me with valkilyasana and I got my foot all the way down to the floor behind me. (think from anjaneyasana, grab a hold of your back ankle behind your head and then lower the toes to the floor while you are holding onto the foot. BIG backbend.)

Then we had dinner - and as though I made my personal request there was curried veggies and rice. Yum. Now I am headed to the hot tub and then to bed. I think there is a kirtan with Benjy and Heather that is about to happen but I think best for me to rest my voice and go to bed. I was up late last night and early this morning.

All right then- on with it. Love to you all.

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