Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So today was a day of Patanjali. We spent some time debriefing yesterday and I gave a lesson on pranayama. We did an excellent pranayama/mantra/meditation practice and then dove right into the Sutras. By the end of the day people were pretty fuzzy and tired but everyone did a great job of holding it together and really going the distance. The group is really working so well together and has really come a long way.

This is the strange kind of intensive as it is focused quite heavily on philosophy and not on asana. I know we are all going to be pretty happy when the weekend comes and we are able to just move and breathe and enjoy the asana. I think so much of the philosophical teachings will be even more clear by the end of the weekend. Asana has this fabulous way of grounding the philosophy. Really, it is quite fantastic that way.

We had a most excellent meal at this awesome restaurant here in Vancouver called Dharma Kitchen. It is a whole Buddhist, mindful kind of thing with exquisitely clean, wholesome food. Shelley took me there last time I was here and I totally wanted to go back. It is sooo good. Vancouver has really excellent food. Love it.

More tomorrow. We have Tantra and the tattvas to go over tomorrow. Wish us luck.


Leanne said...

Massive download of information. America's Next Top Model, chai and the couch felt pretty good after that. I have to say though I am very excited to go back over my notes and really chew on those questions again from a better informed perspective. (Yup- that is such a yoga geek thing to say.)

Lisa said...

Hope you're having a great day. I just had a laugh because I accidentally typed in and got the adventures of a German guy in California and Bilder (Boulder?). I was confused for a moment! :-) Can't wait to have you back on Tuesday! But thanks for the wonderful subs. Anne made us all laugh yesterday when we were going for three blocks, a bolster and three blankets and she said "it is our way." Kim's and Anne's classes have been very yummy. Miss you though! Much love :-)