Monday, March 17, 2008


Fun day. We did a fun twisty-turny back bending practice this morning. It was super fun. John had us focus on serpentine movements as a way to honor kundalini and the Goddess on St. Patrick's Day. (And we had a whole discourse on Saint Patrick and not so much in a good way. More like how driving the snakes out was really driving out the pagan religions and so on.) It was one of those excellent mornings of John Friend synthesis where we got to look at all these archetypal images and the ways that different religions have all had elements of similiar iconography and message.
I had a leisurely lunch out on the porch with a bunch of very fun women, sat in the hot tub and did some editing and then we went back to class at 4. John took suggestions which then led into a whole discussion on the inner body and overcoming past trauma and looking for the beauty and then Benjy said, "Look outside, there is a rainbow." So then 80 people went outside to ooh and ahh over the rainbow, which led into asana on the lawn and then silly partner yoga and a chataranga pyramid and so on. Just good zany fun. And then as the rainbow grew and got more brilliant, John read a pasage from this book someone handed him about The Rainbow Serpent which basically spelled out some native tribes idea of what sounded exactly like kundalini but which they called The Rainbow Serpent. So that was over the top.
I have some pics from our time out there but it is not loading well from here so they will have ot wait.
We went in and concluded with some nice forward bends and a great serende by Benjy and Heather in Savasana. Okay. Back to work.


Lisa said...

Trying to picture chaturanga pyramid! Sounds like a wonderful time...

Leanne said...


Having done some reading to help Lauren with her St.Paddy's theme ( we went with 3 leaf clover and the three A's) apparently there were no snakes in Ireland-ever- who knew!