Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Great Day

It snowed today which is quite unusual I am told.

We had a great day today. We covered lots of technique in the workshop in both sessions. We worked on the loops this morning and then in the afternoon we worked some with Inner and Outer Spiral. The group is so open, receptive and willing to learn that it has just been a pleasure to teach. We have had like 60 people in the room which has been really fun because the group energy is so great.

The thing that strikes me so much about the group is not that they are proficient in asana although they are-- but how deeply connected they are to the philosophy of the method. There is such a mood of spiritual longing and connectedness among the group which is yielding a kind of fun softness that is so beautiful.

Afterwards, we went to back to the Ayurveda/Indian food restaurant. So fun.

Another fun thing about the trip is that Shelley's new boyfriend is a guy named Brent who is from Arizona. But he is the bass player for Benjy and Heather's kirtan band Shantala and also he studied with Desiree in Arizona so it is fun to meet him and get to know him. Like with so many Anusara Yoga folks there is an immediate sense of being kindred spirits. He is smart, funny, and such a good match for Shelley so that has been great.

We get to sleep in tomorrow and then we have an intermediate class in the afternoon. It will have been a full 7 days straight of 6 our teaching days by the time it is over. My voice is a bit hoarse. (That is what you get when you talk so much I suppose!)

More tomorrow.

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Leanne said...

I am bringing the camera tomorrow- we need to capture some of those moments. I still feel bad about not having it for Lauren's first ever self sustained handstand. That first night when everyone went back in utitta hasta holding each other's foot- magic- they were so uplifted. You rock.