Monday, March 24, 2008


So we had a great day of philosophy and good company. We started with a consideration of intention and then a review of the elements as they apply to studentship and then launched into the History of Yoga with Carlos with a follow up on the material and taking it into themes and so forth.

The day flew by. It was really great to be back in Lauren's studio and to see everyone. I was in the studio practicing before the session and I just kept looking around feeling how many hours I had spent in that room teaching. It was kind of neat. And when everyone came in it was awesome to spend a few minutes talking and thinking about where the group had been back in September 2006. Then it was a fledgling kind of group mostly new to Anusara Yoga from Ashtanga Yoga. And now, so many people of the group well into the certification process and aligning themselves so beautifully with Anusara Yoga. It is really a great and amazing thing to be a part of. Dan is married, Lauren is engaged, Shelley has a new place and a new boyfriend, Sarah's kids are walking and talking- very cool.

All right, now Leanne is cooking up a yummy Ayurvedic dinner that I am very excited to eat. YUMMY. Rice, Dahl and veggies. Delicious. More tomorrow night. We will start in with some yoga therapy- there are a few hamstring, sacrum, psoas issues in the room. Then into the Gita.

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