Saturday, March 1, 2008

Immersion Weekend

We had a good day today- the time really flew by. We started with a foray into some shoulder therapy and then we dove into a lecture about the Tattvas. ( Wan't the power point snazzy?) We covered the first 5 tattvas of the Absolute along with 6 attiubutes of the Divine. (First Five tattvas- say it with me now- "Shiva/Shakti, sadashiva, ishvara, and shuddavidya. Six Attribute of the absolute- sat, chit, ananda, purna, swantantriya, spanda... say it fast and it has a rhyme!) Then we had a forward bending class and then Mark came for a talk on the pelvis. The day went by really quickly and there was such a nice camaraderie throughout each portion.

Also- Michelle has a trunkful of awesome yoga clothes so get with her tomorrow and see her stuff. (Of course, you have to go to the parking lot and really have the "trunk show" but she has great stuff at good prices. (She is trying to support her workshop habit so help her out by indulging your clothes habit!)

Okay then- while I am making commercials, the workshop with Desires is almost half full. If you have not registered please do so because right now the majority of people coming are from Dallas and San Antonio. Now I have nothing against people from Dallas or San Antonio and I think it is awesome that we will have people from all over the great state of Texas at the workshop. But it would be a shame to bring Des here and have the workshop full of people who do not even live here! So don't wait- sign up now, Save your spot. It will be awesome.

So we had dinner and now I am going to write for a bit. Mom and Dad come tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing them.

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