Sunday, March 2, 2008

Immersion Weekend

So- Part Two is completed. WOW. So far we have come. It was so great to me to think about how this last section was titled "Deepening the Practice" and how that is exactly what happened. Everyone's asana has deepened and so has their understanding and ability to access and synthesize the information being presented. Really, what a cool thing to see and be a part of. We really have gone deeper- individually and together.

Well, there is lots to share but it is late and I must get ready for sleep. Anybosy want to help share about the weekend and what you learned?

Kelly and I had a fun dinner with Mom and Dad and Anne and Jeff. We laughed a lot and now we are all kind of getting ready for bed. I have to get up early to do some homework tomorrow for the study course with Carlos. I have some questions to answer and a short paper to write.

More soon.Love.


Pamela Walsh said...

Yes it was definitely a "deepening your practice" experience for me, especially the past two immersion weekends, and I wrote briefly about it last night on my blog -- a "shameless plug" as you would say at: Some concepts and actions that have seemed elusive for me were not only tangible but ACCESSIBLE!

Lying in bed last night, I tried to explain it to Brian. I was remembering the first time I "got up" in bakasana, how totally jazzed I felt. It's funny that I feel that same kind of high from something as subtle as getting my thighs back.

It's pretty cool. Thanks for another great weekend.


Christina Sell said...

I loved your blog entry. (Love the pants, love your hair...) Definitely, everyone go read Pam's blog!!!

Lisa said...

I feel so incredibly lucky to be part of this immersion group. It is SO embarrassing to admit this, but when I started practicing yoga (in a gym setting) in 2001 I thought (wow,this is embarrassing!) that yoga was kind of pleasant and pretty simple. I did not have the slightest idea about the subtleties of the asana, let alone anything else (hello, Kashmir Shaivism?). So it is beautiful to have a practice where the more you learn the more you realize how little you know. That is something really fun about yoga for me, because I know that I have a lifetime (well, half a lifetime, more or less) to explore and enjoy this practice. Anyway, I am just so grateful to the universe for bringing me my dear teacher, this cool method and all the wonderful friends to play and learn with. Much love to you all! And anyone out there reading this and deciding whether to commit the time and money to do the immersion that starts in August, I would really recommend it. When I told Mandy I was considering it she said "Lisa, it will change your life!". She was so right. :-)

Christina Sell said...

Wow how cool to read this.

The best part about teaching Immersions is that they change my life also! Thanks for being a part of the journey.