Monday, March 10, 2008

Rainy, Rainy Day

It is pouring rain this morning. Mom and Dad's dog, Indy, happens to be very afraid of thunder. Right now, he is huddled under my feet trying to get some reassurance. It is very cute, in a certain way. There is not too much that we can do for him other than pet him and talk "baby talk" to him like my mother does. The thing about him is he is kind of a shy dog and so he has been a little slow to warm up to us but last night he got in the bed with us when he heard the thunder and he was snuggled in the bed again this morning. Now that we are up and about, he is keeping quite close tabs on us humans, making sure that we are going to protect him from the evil thunder gods.

I got home last night from Friendswood around 8:30. We had a good workshop. It was a great group- lots of new people and lots of people who were there the last time I taught there. As always, I had a nice time with Valerie. And, she had lots of her boutique on sale so I pretty much worked for clothes. Okay- it was not that bad, but I do have some more new things! (I have an illness.) Plus we sold some books so that was fun.

Today, I am going to go to the bank, and then spend most of the day on the computer. I plan on a forward bend practice this afternoon before I teach.

Also- the Anusara Yoga "It is going to be great" t-shirts are ready to be ordered. If you want one I am taking orders, Lisa is taking orders, Ari is taking orders... who else?... They are great so I will figure out a way to post some images so you can see what they look like. $20- what deal.


Pamela said...

Greetings from VAIL .... I'm also taking orders so if anyone happens to be skiing this week in Colorado, I'm your gal. Miss you!


Meg said...

would love a shirt....

you do not have an illness. the Spanda is just well established in this relationship.

love you

Anne-Marie Bowery said...

Tell Indy to hang in there.

Christina Sell said...

You guys are hilarious.