Friday, March 28, 2008


We had a most excellent day with the tattvas in my opinion. I always worry when presenting them that they are going to be a train wreck because when I was introduced to them that is how it felt inside to me. At any rate I did my best to present them systematically and clearly and slowly and I think that it was reasonably effective. It was great to see light bulbs going off and people making connections and so forth.

Carlos' presentation of Tantra and on Kashmir Shaivism was nothing short of brilliant. The best thing that he said were his closing remarks on the segment on Kashmir Shaivism. He was talking about the 5 acts of Shiva- to create, to sustain, to destroy, to conceal and to reveal. He said these acts area all going on simultaneously and constantly. So the message he left us with was that even in times where we are thoroughly concealed and in our deepest darkness, Grace is never far. Grace is always revealing itself to us. Our task as yoga practitioners is to learn to recognize that aspect of grace and to live in a deep faith that really, there is Light no matter what is happening. (Niralambaya Tejase)

After class I went to the fancy aromatherapy store and bought all kinds of great smelly things. Then we went to this great Ayurvedic/Indian restaurant for dinner which was totally yummy. (Have I said the food in Vancouver is great??? The food in Vancouver is great!) Then I went to Banyan Books which is right downstairs and bought some books and a charm for my necklace and then I talked to Kelly on Skype.

Shelley and Brent came home from an errand and we stayed up until like 2am talking. So I am a little tired today but not as bad as thought I would be. This afternoon the weekend workshop begins. We are starting with Fundamentals Section on the Primary Flows and then a class with that will be more practice-based.

Have a great day. More later.

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