Monday, March 24, 2008

British Columbia

So I can get email here but I cannot seem to send anything out from this connection. So those of you who have written me and not gotten a response, you know why now.

I got home from Costa Rica around 6pm, we had dinner, did laundry, I packed up to leave on Sunday and went to bed. Sunday we walked the dogs, went kayaking, had lunch and then I went to the airport. I got into White Rock around 11pm, which made for about a 12-hour travel day. Luckily I slept on the plane and was warmly greeted by Leanne and Chris and their stellar hospitality.

So Monday through Thursday I am teaching an intensive for the group I did an Immersion and Teacher Training with in 2006/07. They needed some extra hours to meet the new standards for Anusara-Inspired and Leanne with her great organizational skills set up this "Special Intensive". Mostly we will focus on philosophy which will be great fun. We will spend today and tomorrow in White Rock and then Wednesday and Thursday in Vancouver at Shelley's.

Then Friday- Sunday is a public workshop in Vancouver. That will be a blast.

So I am off to get dressed, do a practice and then teach.

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