Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Taking a Moment

I am taking a moment to update my blog.

I have been on the computer and deep into future planning, marketing for the workshop with me and Noah and class planning for the TT that starts tomorrow at YogaYoga. I am pretty excited about it. Each time I do a Level One TT I think it gets better. I get more streamlined and more clear in how to present the material because each group teaches me so much. That is something I love about teaching. I really get to be a student of my own teaching methods and to learn what works and what does not work and how to improve each time.

Last night I had the opportunity to take a portion of Hannah's class at Castle Hill since she is applying to become and Anusara-Inspired teacher. That was really fun. Hannah is a thoughtful, caring, clear and inspiring teacher. It was really a delight to be in her class and to see how well her students responded to her and how well she communicated her direct experience of the Anusara method. She is really a great teacher. I recommend her class to everyone.

Then I got to substitute for Jeremiah's 7:30 class which was also really fun because I could tell he has been doing great work in there. His students followed my instructions well and had such a strong foundation and understanding of what I was saying. I might even have been too basic for them! It wasn't till the end I realized it was a hatha intermediate class and so I probably could have pushed them a little harder. Oh well. We worked with the primary flows in the standing poses and used the secondary flows to refine cobra and ustrasana. People made a lot of progress and seemed to take in the information I was giving so it was fun for me.

Several folks asked me about my immersion after class last night and since this cycle will be at Breath and Body, I didn't say a lot about it while we were all at YogaYoga. (My hesitancy in discussing it last night after class was not a lack of enthusiasm about your attendance but a sense of respect for professional boundaries and such!) So here is the link to the information. I am pretty excited about it. http://www.breathandbodyyoga.com/workshops.asp. Immersions are really an excellent way to dive into the method, to deepen your practice and understanding and to share an amazing journey with other awesome folks. We do have tentative dates outlined for Part 2 and Part 3 which will take us through the year so if you want to plan ahead , ask about those also.

Speaking of Breath and Body, I am starting my Wednesday night classes there April 8. 4:30-6:00.

I spent the morning practicing asana and prepping for this evenings classes which was great. I am finally not sore from Saturday anymore! All right, well the blog break is now over. Time to g back to class planning mode.

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