Monday, March 23, 2009

Back home

Sunday was another long and full day in Corpus Christi. We worked on basic backbends in asana and putting the loops to use throughout the prep for and practice of said backbends. We spent the afternoon discussing topics like the relationship of limitation to freedom in our life on and off the mat, we made a long foray into anatomical terms and we explored how basic anatomical principles are embedded in our method of alignment and in the Universal Principles. We spent more time upside down with a headstand lesson that was fun. It was quite a few people's first headstand, in fact. We ended the day with sarvangasana and savasana.

For me there were lots of inspiring moments and lots of personal stories and laughing that made the weekend quite full and joyful for me. Michelle was out of town for a lot of it but managed to get back in time for the Sunday afternoon session. Her students and fellow teachers helped out and everything ran smoothly in her absence, which means to me that she is doing something very right there at her place. People have such ownership and teamwork in what the studio is offering. So that was really cool to see. Michelle has really be a yoga pioneer in Corpus Christi and it is obvious that she has helped so many people there and that the studio is a very meaningful part of people's lives.

I got up this morning and met with the folks over at Castle Hill so that was new and interesting. I have never been there before and it was fun for me to see their set up. I am going to be doing some teaching there in some capacity and as soon as those details get sorted out I will let everyone know. It is kind of a wild ride right now in terms of teaching yoga for me as I am getting some chances to teach in a lot of different places and in a lot of different types of classes and workshops and it is down right intriguing to see the many different ways the offering of yoga classes gets structured right here in Austin, TX.

I just finished my very yummy lunch of dandelion greens and rice cooked in ghee turmeric and curry spices. I will finalize some plans while it digests and then roll out my mat for a practice and maybe take a swim later. Kelly and I have plans to actually eat a meal together at home tonight which sounds pretty darn lovely to me. Really, its the little things.

Tomorrow night is YogaYoga classes and as far as I know, we have no birthday to celebrate... So come and rock out with us at 4:30 and 6:00 if you can. Advanced class is going in the forward bend and twist direction.

OH- and on Saturday we are having a group practice at the Love Shack so if you can come, please do. It is a backbending practice so come ready to work. 2:30-5:30. Let me know if you plan to be there.

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