Saturday, March 21, 2009

Corpus Christi

Okay- the Corpus Christina was a typo but it was pretty funny so I kept it. Just a glimpse into my narcissism, I suppose. Well, The weekend here is going great. Our overall theme this week is about Finding Freedom Through Boundaries and it has been great. We talked a lot last night about Finding the Strength Behind our Efforts and Connecting to Universal Sources of Support. We worked with moving into the back body in standing pose flow with A LOT of chataranga. Everyone made a ton of progress last night and even said they were surprisingly un sore this morning. (I didn't even punish them for saying they were not being sore this morning by killing them with more of the same. Inside joke...)

In this mornings class we worked on the loops of the legs and ended class with some intense work in virasana and some restorative poses. (yes, you heard it right. Want to see Christina teach restoratives and savasana? You will have to come to corpus christi where we have a 3 1/2 hour morning class and a 4-hour afternoon class!) This afternoon we did some more academic-type work on the loops and anatomy overview in terms of seeing different poses and seeing different muscular patterns in terms of the loops. We spent a a lot of time on shoulderstand and some Q&A related to shoulderstand and finished up with a 5-minute sarvangasana, supta baddha konasana and savasana. Fun fun.

I am staying at Michelle's house and her kids (who are really cool) got Twilight today. So once I sign off on the blog I am going to hunker down in the world of vampires and teen age love. From the dharma to the world of Twilight. I am probably the deepest and shallowest person I know. Well, I am a woman of great contrasts. But at least I am not boring.

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