Sunday, March 8, 2009

Breath and Body

Our first day of asana was really great. This workshop is not an "introduction to yoga" workshop but an Introduction to the Principles of Anusara Yoga workshop. Everyone in attendance is quite experienced and very capable in the asana practice and so what I am doing is just downloading the basics of the UPA's as they apply to what are already familiar poses to most. This is a very fun thing to do and to have the luxury of a workshop setting in which to present the material. Yesterday we started with the Primary Flows for the first session and worked with Inner and Outer Spiral in the second session. Our first session today will emphasize the loops and the second will be more of a playful integration of all the principles for a foray into arm balances and hip openers.

It was a fun day for me. There were a few well-known faces to me in attendance- Sheldon, Catherine, Valerie, Anne. There were a few people that I have met before but never really worked with and there were lots of new folks that I got to meet for the first time. At any rate, it was a real pleasure to teach this group because everyone was anxious to learn and to explore the methodology of Anusara Yoga. So I really enjoyed myself and it seemed like everyone else benefited from the day.

Breath and Body is a great studio. It is so beautiful and so peaceful and friendly there. Desirae's attention to beauty and detail is quite inspiring. There really is no place that your eye falls there that isn't lovely. And it is so great to see how open and sweet the community of practitioners is there. They are obviously close and yet they are warm and welcoming as well.

I am so enjoying having the opportunity to teach here in Austin and being back home. Yesterday I was practicing asana and I realized, "WOW, it is March. Somehow, I missed the winter." Not that the winter was actually cold or anything but just that I was not at all in the same place for the season and so it struck in an odd way that now it is spring and I have really been gone from here for a while. I think each thing that i did was actually so fun and so consuming while I was doing it I didn't think much about not being home. But now being home, I am more aware of how much I have been gone. It is ind of hard to explain and it is not a bad thing just a kind of time warp sensation.

All right then, time to do a little asana before I teach today.

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Lisa said...

Wish I could have been with you all. Welcome home!