Friday, March 13, 2009


Yesterday afternoon was a great hip opening/inversion practice at The Love Shack. I am not sure it was great for everyone but it was exactly what I needed and my body opened right up. The mood in the room was so sweet- it was easy-going in a way but people were really focused in their practice and so it wasn't overly chatty, which was nice.

After practice I went to Craig's lecture on Ayurveda and Yoga and it was inspiring as usual. Like I wrote a few posts back, Spring is the time for cleansing and purifying and guess what his topic was? Cleansing and purification! He talked about it from an Ayurvedic perspective and from a yogic perspective focusing his comments on purifying oneself in the physical body, the pranic body and the mental/impression body as well. It was full of juicy nuggets and I also found it quite affirming as so many of his suggestions are already part of my lifestyle and sadhana. Ayurveda is so beautiful as a system of health and well being. It is really so inspiring to incorporate its principles in one's life.

So this morning we woke up early, did our sitting practices and then made our way top Breath and Body for a nice, sweaty flow practice with Desirae. Then after a breakfast at Central Market, Kelly and I drove to Sundara Yoga to see their set up and to discuss the possibility of me offering some special events at their facility. It is a gorgeous space and Emily and Genevieve are really pouring their heart into the place to make it a place for health,healing and community. Very inspiring, indeed.

I am now at home to do some work on the computer. The first task of which is to put out a plea to anyone who might be planning to do the Level 1 Teacher Training with me at YogaYoga who has not told Laura about your plans. This training is a prerequisite for the 20-hour Teacher Training intensive with me and Noah Maze in late April and is required in order to pursue Anusara-Inspired status as a teacher. As of now, we are woefully under-enrolled and so if you are thinking about coming and need some creative financing, some questions answered, or anything like that, please contact me or Laura Forsyth. Unfortunately, if you have not done an Immersion you can't come to the Teacher Training as the TT is when we teach you how to teach all the stuff you learned in the Immersion!

This weekend Kelly and I are pulling up the carpet in the converted garage room which will be my home yoga studio. Once we see what is under there and what we are dealing with, we will decide on the next step. Pretty exciting though- fits 18 people mat to mat, which as you all know, is how I like it!

Okay then, have a great day.

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