Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RE: Wednesday Morning

Okay- just a brief check in to say thank you to everyone who came to the party last night. We had close to 30 people in attendance at our little house. It was really fun for me to have everyone here laughing, eating, drinking and generally making merry. I have always loved having parties and Kelly and I have always loved entertaining together and since we moved we have not really done so much of that. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to be with everyone and to have folks in our home. Kelly scored on some great gifts, including a personalized manduka mat with a painting of the greyhounds on it! (Total yoga geek present, I know...)

Last night's classes were a lot of fun as well. At 4;30 we worked with light and dark as the theme since we are coming up on the spring equinox when the days and nights will be equal. We worked on bringing balance to the sides of the torso in a handful of standing poses, made a foray into malasana and finished up with surya yantrasana.

At 6:00 we did 37 sun salutations for Kelly's birthday which is kind of an old Anusara Yoga tradition. (I did have one guy walk out. Oddly, he made it to like 30 and then left. Too bad because lots of fun stuff followed.) We did a rousing practice after that which culminated in eka pada raja kapotasana. I had to do that one on Kelly's birthday since it was the pose that made him actually like yoga. It was a fun birthday class and almost everyone in the room touched their toe behind their head at least once so that was cool.

All right, time to practice. Lots on the agenda today.

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