Monday, March 2, 2009

In Prescott

Wel, I would post yesterday's sequnce but it is not in my hands right now as I sit in Starbucks to do a l,ittle online business. And I was not in the afternoon session since Kelly and I left early to head up to PRescott for an evening engagement up here.

The weekend with John was informative on a lot of levels. I havebeen going to this weekend for ten years now and so much has stayed the same and so much is different. I was amazed at all the new faces who were there at the Advanced Intensive and how so much of the "old gang" was not there for various reasons- teaching abroad, new babies, professional commitments, personal obligations and so on. And yet it was inspiring to see all the new faces and to connect with people from all over the globe who are on the Merry Band-wagon. So time marches on.

Because this weekend is one that I have done every year for ten years it is always a natural time for such reflections. As always, being around John and the Anusara Yoga gang gives me lots to think about in my teaching and in my practice both on and off the mat. The asana is really only part of it. I left the intensive feeling more than ever inspired about my teaching work and the many directions it is taking me and the incredible people I am meeting because of it. I felt also settled and grateful for so many of my long term friends in the community who have been there for me and helped me grow up and grow into myself in some pretty profound ways. And I felt happy about some new seedlings of friendships I got to nurture during the intensive.

So Kelly and I are taking in the joys of Prescott.After meditation this morning we went to our old coffee shop and hung out there and saw lots of folks. Then we went to our favorite Mexican place for lunch and then we went on one of our favorite hikes. The weather is gorgeous and as perfect as it gets here. Tonight we have dinner with friends and a dharma talk to go to. I am really looking forward to it.

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