Monday, March 9, 2009


I actually slept in today which was fantastic. After my sitting practices and two apples I caught up on some email correspondences and then met Anne for a yoga class at The Love Shack. Then we had lunch at Mr. Natural. Anne went home to write, I came home to do a little work as well. Then we are going to meet up to go to the club to do some asana and soak in the hot tub. The lunch time class was far from challenging but it was a nice hip opening warm up which will make the yoga I do later a lot easier.

The weekend at Breath and Body was a great time. The second day built on the first, the group was so receptive and fun and many folks told me they got a lot out of it. When I asked Desirae for feedback the main thing she said she thought would have improved the workshop would have been if I included even more philosophy. They practice really hard at Breath and Body and so the students there are strong and fit and can really do so much. (on a side note, this is fun teaching. Strong asana practitioners who want to refine and improve their practice with our methodology. That is a real treat. I also love teaching raw beginners. What I do not like to teach are experienced students, stuck in their ways who do not want to learn or work hard. But I digress...) Desirae and I discussed how "going to the next level" might actually be deepening one's philosophical understanding, which I thought was so insightful. Desirae is such a dedicated and sincere leader of her community and really wants to offer her students a quality yoga education. I find her work quite inspiring.

On a personal note, it was really great for me to be able to offer a workshop in Austine and to be hosted so well and to have people support my work locally. It means a lot to me to get to teach at that level, to feed our local community of practitioners and teachers and also to sleep in my own bed at night. It is like an ecstatic kind of thing for me, really. I am grateful for the opportunity this weekend presented me with and to everyone who made it happen.

All right, onward with the day. I hope folks are planning to come to class tomorrow night at Westgate. I am really looking forward to being there and seeing everyone again. I hope I still have a class and that you haven't all forgotten about me!

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