Saturday, March 14, 2009

A few random notes

Well, let's see.

On Thursday afternoon practice I announced that we are having a housewarming and Kelly's birthday party on Tuesday night after my classes. Some of you have asked me, "What might I get Kelly for his birthday?" Well, he likes things like BMW motorcycles, all things Filson and carbon fiber bicycles. (You can see that the lad has expensive tastes.) So given that that all of the afore mentioned items are out of the budget of reasonableness, what about some flowers/plants to plant in our back yard? Annuals, perennials, bulbs... you name it- if it has color and it is pretty he (and in this case "we") will love it. We need plants for the yard and how cool would it be to look out there and see the flower garden full and blooming and representing the garden of people who bless our lives? Pretty cool indeed. So that is Tuesday Night. RSVP if you want to come so I know to expect you.

All right. On Thursday evening at 6:30 at The Love Shack Mark Franke is teaching his normally scheduled class. This Thursday, I am evaluating Mark's class so he can apply for his Anusara-Inspired status. How exciting is that? Well, I thought even more exciting would be if he had the support of his friends so he was teaching to a full class of friendly faces. So if you are coming for the Group Practice then why not stay and take Mark's class? And if you cannot make it to the group practice from 4-6 then why not come to Mark's class? Either way, come to Mark's class. He is smart, knowledgeable and ridiculously good looking. (Okay, I just could not resist saying that. Sorry Mark, but sex sells! Okay. I am resuming a professional demeanor now....)

Speaking of the Thursday afternoon Group Practice, Mandy and I are no longer sharing that lovely weekly event. Mandy Eubanks is the going to lead that practice every week from now on. So keep the love alive with her on Thursday afternoons at the Love Shack from 4-6.

And speaking of love, starting on April 8, I am going to teach a class at Breath and Body Yoga from 4:30-6:00. Desirae told me that her instructors always have the option to end their class 15 minutes early if people seemed wiped out. I suppose I should ask about having the option to extend class later by 15 minutes if everyone is on a roll. (Given my blatant and consistent ignoring of ending times in class!) The class will be flow-based and the room will be 80 degrees so plan your outfits accordingly. (Think to yourself, "I am going to be sweating and Christina is not going to want to hear about it.... " okay, teasing... but still, I don't...) This might be a nice time to check out Prana's new spring line of shorts or to visit Lululemon and see what they have in stock in the shorts and jog bra/tank top department....)

Okay- today is the day the carpet in the soon-to-be yoga space gets pulled up. Yippee. Construction is underway. Well, demolition actually.

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