Saturday, March 28, 2009

YouTube - PrAna Revolution Mat: Joy!

Okay, this is fun. I followed a link to this from facebook but had no idea I was actually in it. (I am the "tall girl") Kelly and I are in the final collage also doing a very sweet and in sync up dog together. Kelly is also in the very beginning of the one called The Size. Fun, huh?
Check it out:YouTube - PrAna Revolution Mat: Joy!

Okay, the practice is still on for today. Several folks told me they have to leave early, which is totally fine. And here is something else. Kathryn, maker of the best kombucha ever will be there. I asked her to bring me a jug of her juice and to bring a few extras to sell so bring your $12 and buy some kombucha from her today. Really, its the best. And she often has very exotic flavors.

Oh and also, Jeremiah is going to be there making a documentary for his film class so make sure you look your best. No, I am kidding. if you are totally camera shy then we can stake out a corner of the room for "no camera footage" or something like that.

For those of you wanting a practice today with Live Music then Zoe is teaching at Castle Hill around the same time we are going to be at The Love Shack. So many good things to chose from. We really are so lucky.

Also the Teacher Training at YogaYoga is on for this week. Yay. We are going to have a very lovely and intimate group assembled. I am really looking forward to it. Many folks in the training are quite new to teaching and so we will get a chance to really help them establish some foundational skills and everyone will have the opportunity to go deeper into the fundamentals of the Anusara Yoga teaching methods. I love teaching teacher trainings because my teaching always improves as a result.

For those of you not in the Teacher Training over next weekend, Craig is giving another talk at Castle Hill on Saturday. It is free and is called Yoga and The Art of Timing. Later in the week I'll post some more details on it but you can find info at Castle Hill's site:

We have moved the April Intermediate/Advanced Workshop with me and Noah to Austin so I will be distributing some new info about that soon because we not only change the venue but we changed the class times. So the classes will begin on Saturday April 25 and April 26 at 10:30-1:30 and then 3:00-6:00. Both days. And we are going to hold it at The Love Shack instead of in San Marcos. (yay, less driving for all!) Please plan on coming and please help me get the word out. Noah and I are very excited about working together and those of you in the workshop get two teachers for the price of one-- which is a great opportunity for getting help with special needs as well as adjustments that can take you to the next level in your practice.

And if you are planning on doing the TT with me and Noah and have yet to sign up and hand me money, please do so soon as we have a very limited number of spaces and they are filling up.

Well, that's the announcements for now.

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Align with Nature said...

I love the revolution mat! But more importantly, how sweet are Kelly's tattoos?