Saturday, August 30, 2008


This is a picture of and Spirit loving on each other. And the good news is we have years of love to look forward to. YAY! Okay, but let me back up a moment. We picked up Spirit from the vet yesterday and she has a very arthritic joint, not bone cancer, as the vet had feared. So she is going to get some surgery to fuse the joint and that should remedy the pain. (for the low, low price of $850) Kelly is also going to try to learn some doggie acupuncture for her pain management in the mean time. (And she has some drugs to take.)He has a book called Four Paws, Five Elements (How cute is that?) It is about Five Element theory of Chinese Medicine applied to the four-legged. So more on that as it proceeds. Spirit is obviously in some pain but I am happy to know that it is not a systemic illness- she is just an aging athlete!

So we began a new Immersion Cycle today in Austin. We have an all-star cast- Yoga Yoga teachers like Liz Belile, Jenn Wooten, Brienne, Gundega and Caitlin are all in the house. We have folks coming form Lubbock, Tyler, from San Antonio and lots of folks new to the area who have studied Anusara Yoga elsewhere. It is so fun to get started with a new group. We spent a bit of time in "Orientation" and then we did an asana practice. Mark came and gave us an anatomy lesson and we finished up with some pranayama introduction. All in all, a great day.

I came home and Kelly had made a great dinner of rice and vegetables for us. Now I am watching The Sound of Music and Kelly is laughing at me because I keep singing along and I know the words to every song. I guess I am conitnuing to surprise him even after all this time. (Yes, I admit it, I love The Sound of Music. Is that so wrong?)


Svetha said...

Yay! for Spirit! I'm so glad to hear it's not cancer. I'm sure she'll heal in no time after the surgery. Sending you all good thoughts....

Anne-Marie Bowery said...

I agree! Yay! for Spirit!
Love, Anzy

Pamela said...

Great news about Spirit. Dogs are such blessings.

Immersion sounds like it's off to a grand start. So wish I was a part of it again & again & again.

I'm not Ari, but I would be happy to drop in some time and take a few photos of the group.