Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Morning

So the first Immersion weekend went so well. We have 25 people in the group, most of whom are signed up for the whole shebang. So excellent. Here are a few pics that we took but since we have no photographer on staff for the event (Ari, WE NEED YOU!) there are just a few to share. But do note the good form everyone has. A few bent arms and so forth but such incredible execution for weekend #1. Plus thanks to Laura F's inspiration we are doing this immersion in a much more condensed format which I think will help us move more quickly as a group. I think that by meeting every other week instead of spreading it out over so much time will help reinforce the teachings and create a momentum. You lose the integration time in a condensed format but because so many participants do not have access to a local Anusara Yoga teacher I think the benefit of momentum that we will gain will outweigh the loss of integration time.

As usual we didn't cover all of what I had planned but we did manage two long practices, a two hour anatomy lecture, a video with Carlos, a pranayama class and some good technical review of
of the Primary Flows and a good handful of very practical application type questions.

I came home and had dinner and spent the evening relaxing with Kelly and I even got to bed before 10:00 which was great Since now I am well rested for our group practice this morning. I am really looking forward to it. Last year we did a Labor Day practice that was a pretty big hooh-hah. I think this will be a pretty small gathering which is just fine by me.

I am working with great diligence on viparita chakrasana (urdhva danurasana to handstand) and all the work of getting the weight of urdhva danurasana into my legs is bearing great fruit in that pose, which is quite interesting since that pose is essentially about getting the focal point to shift from the pelvis into the heart. But what I am finding is that if I really load the legs first and then shift into the heart the pose comes a lot more easily. I have decided to make 5 viparita chakrasana attempts every time I practice urdhva danurasana. I should have it nailed within 6 months with that approach.

I am also teaching in Austin for Free Day of Yoga tonight so that should be fun. 6:00 at Westgate. Hope to see you here or there.


whatnot said...

you rang?

I am totally there, always dying to try to capture teh shakti with my camera. rawk!

Wish I could do the immersion again! It looks/sounds like such a cool group.

Pamela said...

Free Day of Yoga was a great opportunity to see you masterfully take a whole bunch of folks -- 50 was there? -- from experienced practitioners familiar with "our way" to the very beginning-est of students (the guy who came in with his shoes & socks on) and TEACH us all, not exercise LEAD. Karuna & I marveled at your skill & technique. Not that either one of us were surprised, just awed.

The best way to learn how to teach this method is to experience a great teacher doing it!

Here's why we double dip! There is such value in witnessing the process!