Monday, August 11, 2008

The Weekend

So- we had a great weekend.

I just cannot say enough- and I said plenty over the weekend- about how much I love my friend Darren. He did such a great job teaching and I was so inspired, not just by what he can do, but by his approach to his practice and his love of asana and its intricacies and demands. And I thought his teaching was fantastic. "By the book" yet authentic, creative, inspiring, clear and fun. And wow- I have not met another Anusara Yoga teacher who likes Light on Yoga as much as me. If this weekend did not inspire you to run out by a copy of that book and study it, then you missed what I consider to be a primary teaching of the weekend.

There is lots going on for me personally right now so it was really great to be with everybody this weekend. I got a lot of personal support from the gang which I really needed. Thanks to everyone for making the workshop so successful. It really felt like it ran itself. (And the blankets were folded so neatly at the end that I almost cried! They do care... they are listening...)

One of the things Darren and I talked a lot about together is how far this community has come in the last two years and how down-to-earth everything still is here. There are not a lot of big egos, no major cliques, not a lot of politicking. We are mostly just a group of people who like to practice, have fun (not always in that order either, right?) and who really love each other. My intention is to keep growing this community and to maintain this atmosphere of support and authenticity that is alive right now. That is the vision.

Opening Prayers
Reach for the highest-(With Desire!) Triangle pose
Chelsea, going deeper- lip to heel! (Who knew?)
Anne- Hip Opening at its finest

Jessie, well into things. Note the focus.
Note the ananda.
Going for it. (She had been working for-oh, like 4 minutes at this point. She is a bad ass.)
Anne and Jeff

Me, rockin' the scorpion demo.

Also, check out Pammy's blog for more pics and a report!


Leanne said...

Most excellent looking fun!

NeoMystic said...

Amen to the loving, supportive, authentic community! It's unbelievable how high school yoga communities can be; keep that vision strong. And Darren is such a great teacher. It is so nice to begin to get my fire (and arm balances) back after such a long recovery. Now Jesse: totally incredible. I particularly love the picture of Katherine; amazing how she was able to twist into urdhva danurasana arms from uttanasana.

whatnot said...

I LOVE how closely those mats are crammed together! that speaks volumes about the level of dedication and cameraderie.

miss you guys. =)

Anasazi said...

It really was an amazing weekend. Thank you, Liz, for the props on my demo, but Chelsea's EPRK and Katherine's UD demos easily blew me out of the water!

And check out that Christina chick in the back corner doing Scorpion! What a crazy wonderful group of people!

Deep love to all, especially to Darren and his San Marcos River waterfall-surfing talents,


Lisa said...

Hi Christina,
Can you give us details on the upcoming 7th Street class?
Love ya!