Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good Morning

Okay- so what a lot of fun my classes were last night.

I remember when I first really started teaching yoga my favorite thing about it was that no matter how I felt going into teach, once I was teaching I would kind of forget about myself and be swept away in the teaching and it would always be like a vacation from my life. At the time Kelly and I were in the early days of running a coffee shop together and I was super-stressed all the time. We were working really long hours (Like 100-hour work weeks each) and we were hardly sleeping and we were on a really steep learning curve with the business and each other. I would go to teach and all of that wold melt away. All I had to focus on for an hour was just teaching the poses and so on.

Last night was kind of like that for me. I have a full plate in some ways relative to my inner life but when I got to YY last night to teach, I was happy to see all the familiar faces and some new ones and once I got into the teaching I really had a lot of fun. It was really a break from myself in a lot of ways. I used the theme of support at 4:30 and we did a class where I worked with 12 basic poses and revolved them. I am thinking a lot about support because really, in the midst of some of my recent personal upheaval, I have really reached out to people and have received an outpouring of love and affection that is quite astounding. And the cool thing is, the support has been there all along, I just wasn't accessing it. It is like Grace, in that way- ever present, always there for us and our yoga and our life's circumstances can help us tune into it and access it so that it feeds us more deeply. Like friends.

At 6:00 we made the long intense journey to Maricyasana 4. (I was so out of control with the time- we went ridiculously, unforgivably late. OOPS.) After class, Jason said to me, "I do not know how you do it but you have attracted a group of people that no matter how intense you make it they want more of it!" I was like , "Yes, I have met my people, haven't I?" It was a great class with long holds in hard poses and everyone worked with such focus and clarity it was a pleasure. I used strength as my theme.

We had some double dippers- Anne, Jeremiah, Katherine, who else... Seems like I am forgetting one or two. I often write people's names down in savasana but yesterday since we only had 30 seconds of savasana in that class I didn't do it. Chime in and let me know if you were there and I didn't mention you.

After class, Pammy and I went to Central Market. (She bought me dinner and we talked a long time. See the support in action, buying food to strengthen me! Just working a theme here, guys.)

Anyway- I have a long practice scheduled for myself at home today and some mundane household chores to catch up on.

Also, as a shameless bit of self-promotion here on the blog, I am going to teach an 8-week series at Seventh street yoga during September and October. Wednesday nights from 5:30-7:00. Two Wednesdays I am going to be gone and either Mark or Hannah will be teaching for me. Seventh Street Yoga is a great studio with a super enthusiastic owner who really wants to grow an Anusara Yoga community. So if you can make it, come help me spread the love and continue with my plan for world domination. (If your world is Austin, Texas, that is.) I am not sure of pricing and so forth so call them up and get all the info. We are going to start with an all-levels kind of thing but from what I understand they have a pretty young and fit clientele so we ought to be able to provide some advanced variations without too much difficulty.

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Jen said...

We all go through up and downs throughout our lives. Needing our friends and family may be difficult sometimes and can be hard to open up. As we struggle with what to do, we may find out it is truely rewarding if we do. It is great to be able to allow yourself to reach out for that support when you really need it. I am glad that you are reaching out, and just know that all of us love you and will always be there for you whether it be food, a good laugh or an open ear....or even a trip to Hawaii :)
love you!