Sunday, August 24, 2008

A weekend at the Oceanside

Kelly and I spent the weekend at Port Aransas this weekend which was really fun. We got up Friday morning and walked the dogs, did some asana and then drove to the coast. We rented a condo, spent a lot of time walking the beach, talking and swimming in the ocean which was super great. We made some great meals and spent a lot of time talking with each other.Kelly and I have both been dealing with a lot of things- individually and in our relationship and getting away together was an awesome chance to get a new perspective on some issues. The weather was better than I had thought it would be. We both got a bit sunburned but nothing too bad.

One funny story is that we were swimming in the ocean and doing our best to boogie board in the not-so-strong surf. I was able to ride a lot more waves than Kelly because of my size. But at one point we were riding these waves and I fell off my board and this wave knocked me in the face and kind of pushed me on my back. I was already kind of squatting low in the water and so I just fell under the water. And then another wave crashed over me. So Kelly gets up to try to "save me" and then we both realize that we are in water that is only about 6 inches deep. Even though the wave knocked me from kneeling to my back I was hardly in any danger although it kind of seemed like I was about to drown for a moment. We laughed really hard when we realized all we had to do was stand up and then when we stood up the water was up to the middle of our shins. There must be a metaphor in that somewhere!


Pamela said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Where did y'all end up staying?

See ya this week.


Jeremiah Wallace said...

Ah yes, Port Aransas. My old haunt. I'm glad you enjoyed the beach. Good question, what condo did you stay at?