Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Morning

I had a really lovely day yesterday.

After my morning meditation, tea and email check-in, I picked up the dogs from the kennel. They seemed to do fine there. So fine, in fact, that they did not even recognize me when I came to get them. They were like, "Oh, its you...I vaguely remember you... Well, I am sniffing over here... Hang on and I 'll be right with you..."

I did a nice long 3-hour practice which was great. I got really deep into my back bends which was fun and had plenty of time for some long forward bends and inversions at the end. Then Kelly came home, we went to Target, made dinner and hung out together for the evening. Kelly is on a break between semesters at school. He has officially made it through his first semester of TCM school, which is pretty exciting.

Here is a fun thing- I was invited to teach at Yoga Month. Evidently some famous yoga teacher who was supposed to teach there had to cancel her attendance and so they asked me- a not so famous but local teacher to teach in her place. I am excited about it so if you can make it, it would be great to see some familiar faces. It looks like a great event and I am pretty psyched to see Austin on the line up of cities hosting a Yoga Month event. (Remember my World Domination plan? Just another milestone along the way...)

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Lisa said...

Hi! It's funny, I didn't know whether to be happy or bummed when my puppy left the kennel for the first time looking like he had had a lovely vacation. :-) Sorry I missed you guys today...went to drive to class and had a dead battery. Aaaaaargh. The Crossings event looks like fun. See you Thursday.