Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Morning

Okay- so I am up and waiting for Genevieve to come over for a visit. She leaves for a trip to India this week so we are trying to cram in a fair amount of girl time before she goes. Our trip to India is coming up at the first of the year. Two more slots open so if you want to go with us, now is the time to sign up!

I did go back to Gabriella's class on Saturday. It was a great back bending class. Nothing crazy, just good solid work on Urdhva Danurasana with special attention to keeping the work in the legs. In Anusara Yoga Land we do so much work in getting the heart open. She was not so interested in this on Saturday. She was more interested in keeping the pelvis stabilized and (keeping the pelvic focal point active, in our lingo) and extending into the legs. (Well actually she was teaching the dual action of muscularly engaging the legs while actively extending them. Muscle Energy and Organic Energy from the focal point in the pelvis, in our language.) My back bends felt great and roomy.

After class Anne and I went for a gelato lunch at Whole Foods. (This is one of my favorite things to eat on a yoga workshop break. It is tasty and rich without being filling. ) Of course, I could have had a pizza or anything I wanted since I was not planning on going to the afternoon session anyway. I went home practice my inversions and had a great dinner out with Kelly.

I woke up the next day in the Red Tent and decided to drape myself over a bolster at home rather than go to Gabriella's final session. (Which I heard was a "fun with arm balances" kind of class.) Kelly and I had a mellow day at home yesterday. I did a lot of cooking and Kelly did his homework. I finished the day watching the Olympics and marvelling at how totally cute the gymnasts butts are. Really, does a human butt get much cuter than that? I think not.


Pamela said...

Without meaning to slip over the edge of appropriateness -- but then when has THAT ever stopped me -- I would be willing to state that your butt falls into that 'cute butt' category and I'm certain that I speak for more than just myself in that ASS-essment!

And I'M married, straight & sober!


Christina Sell said...

Why, thank you, my dear and sober friend. Perhaps I owe it all to my early days of gymnastics. (that and maybe the lycra that is in my yoga tights!)

Jeremiah Wallace said...

If I may add something, I think Anusaris in general have nice butts. I think it's all the inner spiral (of course, everything is inner spiral to me) that lifts the butt. Funny enough, I've had lots of conversations in my mind about how I think inner spiral combined with outter spiral creates the nice bubble. HA!

Anonymous said...

okay, this is hilarious.

NeoMystic said...

Let's face it, Anusaris *do* have hot butts.