Thursday, August 28, 2008

Spirit's Visit to the Vet

So Spirit went to the vet yesterday who said she may have bone cancer. Tomorrow she goes to get an x-ray to be sure. She might have just broken her paw. They cannot tell without the x-ray. So that is potentially very sad news. Also, Kelly went to the eye doctor yesterday to get his prescription renewed and found out that he will have to get surgery for a detached retina situation. It should be pretty straight forward to fix although, not fun at all and if it were to rupture he could go blind in that eye. But it is not that extreme yet so long as he does not get a sudden blow to the head! (And while I am prone to sarcastic comments I am not so likely to commit an act of outright violence and he has no plans to take up sparring in the next few months so he should be fine on that front.)

I spent an hour on the phone with some Anusara Yoga friends talking about the Teacher Training Curriculum that we are developing. That is an exciting process to be a part of and such a joy because I so respect the other people on the committee. It is really good company and then to get together to brainstorm and create from our shared knowledge and experience is really fantastic.

I also did a lot of prep work for the Immersion yesterday. We start a new group this weekend which I am really excited about. I think our group this time is much smaller which will be a different kind of thing all together. That is a fun thing about the Immersion process- it is the same but different every time. This last cycle was so profound for me that I am just now realizing that we are really and truly starting up again. Crazy.

Then I did a long practice and Kelly and I had dinner and watched part of a movie called Jumper. I really like the movie although it did very little to calm either of us down for sleep!

Okay,now off to practice before coming to Austin today. I set a goal this week to practice 3 hours each day and so far I have made it. Well, one day was 2 1/2 but I figure it still counts.


Leanne said...

I am sorry to hear about the worries. I hope both Spirit and Kelly are going to be fine. Had lunch at the Dharma Cafe today and thought about you.

Mandy said...

Poor Spirit....I hope that you get answers soon.
And poor Kelley. No going upside down for him.

Lisa said...

I'll have my fingers crossed for Spirit. My sister-in-law's 2 golden retrievers got cancer almost simultaneously and it has been very tough on the family. I hope that you don't have to go through that.