Monday, August 4, 2008

Back at Home

Well, I am settling back into home and tending to the home fires a bit, so to speak. I am really inspired by the week at Feathered Pipe in so many ways. I did a great practice yesterday and added some of the new pranayama information into my seated practice this morning. I do not have lots to write about this morning. I am going into Austin today to take a few classes and then to meet Kelly for lunch. He has a long break in the middle of his day today. So mostly today is settling in and getting some things in order now that I am home. More later.


Anasazi said...

Welcome back, Christina! Sounds like you had a great retreat.

Speaking of coming home, the Yoga Yoga schedule shows you as teaching at Westgate in your old Tuesday night time slots tomorrow. Is that true, or have they just not listed the subs yet?


Christina Sell said...