Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Morning

I had a very relaxing day at home and lounging around in the Red Tent. Genevieve and I drank tea and had a long conversation- love, romance, yoga, tantra, our India trip, her upcoming India trip, Life dreams and 5-year plans and so forth. (Add in a mani-pedi or a facial and that is about as good as girl-time gets!) We really had a nice visit.

Not to much to report on the day really- I had a nice lunch of roasted veggies and baba ganoush, a mellow practice, I spent some time reading about tantra and lining some things up with Craig and Mark to teach in the next Immersion and I even reorganized my clothes drawers. Those of you repeating the Immersion --I am bringing Craig and Mark in on the first section not the second section so if you are on the fence about repeating Part One it is going to be pretty different. No pressure, just keep that in mind.

Another fun thing is that Labor Day is approaching. Remember last year we did a long Labor of Love practice? Well, I got a very sweet request for a repeat performance this year. So, if you are around on Labor Day then we are going to have a practice from 11-2:30 down here in San Marcos. If you are buy during the day or do not wish to spend the day in a long practice or if you are a total yoga animal you can also come to my class at Westgate at 6pm later that night! The class in Austin is free and the practice down here will be by donation. I will put a bowl out on the Ganesh puja and leave it to you to decide how much to contribute. Plan on back bends for sure. Which ones to focus on is to be determined. But please email me if you plan to come so I know who to expect. Everyone is welcome but it is a practice not a class so if you do not know how to take care of yourself, come to class instead please.

Okay- I have some things to do before I teach this evening. And speaking of back bends, I think tonights advanced class is a backbend night, isn't it? We did our M-4 foray in there last week so this week must be backbends. Unless I get another bright idea! Which could always happen. I hope to see you guys there. I have really enjoyed being back teaching on Tuesdays.

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