Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More pictures

Mark, going over from headstand. Nice melt, huh?
Hannah on the way over, Mark over Hannah over, working the feet
Chelsea, more
Chelsea, a lot more
Me, eka pada viparita dandasana

Me, on the way to scorpion . Jeremiah in savasana.
Me, in scorpion. Jeremiah, waking up.

These were taken with Katherine's camera. See, it really was fun. I am a bit sore and compounded with soreness from practice is the soreness I have from a day spent hunched over the computer. I am headed next door to practice now and try to unwind some of the "I am in agony from writing a book about yoga" soreness and the lactic acid from yesterdays blowout! I am going to do a lot of supta padangusthasana with weights on my bottom leg and some supported inversions.

On a happy note I sent my work off to my editor and so now it is in her hands except for a few decisions on my part regarding some finishing touches. Also I have to compile the document so I can send it to the people I quoted throughout for their approval. Not bad. Not bad at all. The end is in sight. Of this stage at least.
I am considering about going to the movies or something equally shallow.



Jeremiah Wallace said...

I like your face in the 3 pics of Chelsea going into Valakhilyasana. 1. Uh-huh 2. Good 3. YEAH!

Christina Sell said...

I know,I thought it was funny also!