Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Scenes from Wednesday

First of a big shout out to Marjorie Nass whose certification video got the "thumbs up" from Christina Sell yesterday. (And who has just joined our blogroll. Marjorie you did not tell me you had a blog or I would have added you sooner.) She has a few more hoops to jump through but her video has passed. And she was a model assessee- she took feedback well, made the appropriate adjustments in her teaching without any grumbling, whining, defensiveness, etc. She remained open, receptive and enthusiastic throughout. She and I had the great fortune to actually meet and discuss her first video in person while we were at the Teacher's Gathering which was awesome to speak face to face. It can be kind of nerve-wracking for both parties if you have never met and then you have to go over a video tape while talking on the phone and so on. Anyway- kudos for making it to the end (which is really just another beginning!) of a very intensive process. Yea for you.

Later in the evening last night and early in the morning the emails of cancellation came pouring in...I seems like practice was not in the cards for lots of folks today. Me, Anne, Jeff, Kelly, and Ian got together,however and had a really great time.

The Sequence if you are interested:
Child's pose
Adho mukha svanasana
prasarita padottanasana
baddha konasana
supta padangusthasana -4 variations
supta virasana
padmasana in handstand
pinca mayurasana
trikonasana-ardhachandrasana-urdhvaprasarita ekapadasana-vira 1
parsvottanasana (concave back)- urdhvaprasarita ekapadasana- parvottanasana chin to shin(FEEL THE FREEDOM!!)
ardha bhekasana
pinca backbends at the wall
upper back chair work
gandha bherandasana work at the wall (See pics below)
urdhva danurasana
dwi pada viparita dandasana
Adho Mukha Svanasana
jathara parivartonasana
viparita karani

After practice Anne, Jeff, Kelly and I ate some homemade ice cream that we made. We used fresh organic cream and milk from our local dairy, organic cane sugar, Newman O's for a delicious cookie's and cream taste treat. YUMMMY!

Then we all went down to the river for a short frolic in the cool water. I did some work and then we made dinner (pasta primavera with our organic fresh veggies, fresh herbs, and whole wheat pasta. )

So- I have a few things to catch up on in preparation for the weekend of TT which I am really excited about and will write more about as the weekend is underway. Since several people have asked me, I am not teaching my 4:30 and 6:00 classes tomorrow night due to teaching the TT all day and weekend. Then the next week I am teaching an Immerison in Vancouver and then the week after that I am vacationing on the coast of BC. Anne is teaching for two weeks and then on July 10th Jeremiah (4:30) and Jess G. (6:00). I will back teaching that class on July 17th. Please do come and support the class and the subs and keep the love alive.

Picture Gallery:

Anne, whose hair is looking full of body

Jeff, looking quite handsome
Anne and Moshi nuzzling her
More dog-love
Christina busting out this pose she has not done in a long long time. (Meg, I kept thinking of you on these. Remember how we used to scrape up our chins? It all came back to me.) Anyway, I think I owe this pose today to the bloomers. I am pretty sure they made it all possible. And you cannot tell form this pose because it was taken right after, but I did get my toes all the way to my head.)
All of us trying...
kapinjalasana which felt SO GREAT after the gandha bherandasana...
Ian and Moshie- look at that poonam...
Again, more dog-love...
Love you.

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