Monday, June 9, 2008

Pics from Practice in San Marcos

Mark, dropping back

Jeremiah, revolved child's pose
J-Man again
Christina, eka pada viparita dandasana from sirsasana dropover
Pamela, lotus in handstand

Pamela, supta virasana
We had a really fun and productive practice today in San Marcos. Me, Anne, Jeff, Pamela, Lisa, Katherine, Hannah, Mark, Jeremiah, Chelsea and Ian all got together for a day of backbends. We used the sequence from John's practice that I posted as a springboard and had fun fun fun. I so enjoyed being with eveyone and sharing some of the techniques and principles we covered in therapy training, applied toward practice.
I will write more tomorrow. For now I want to get to work on my book project and finish up my laundry.


Leanne said...

Awesome photos- Mark looked amazing.You all did!

Amigo is coming our way next year- very exciting! Hope it's not pouring cats and dogs like it is today. Summer dosen't seem to want to come here...

Lisa said...

Hi Christina,
THANK YOU for having us over for the practice. I always feel a tiny bit bummed because my practice is not at the level of the others that come for the long practices, but it is inspiring nonetheless to practice with you.

Christina Sell said...

No need for the downward spiral. Think about where your practice was last year at this time! You are in a whole new domain now. And we pushed the envelope today.


Lisa said...

Thanks. You're the best.

Jeremiah Wallace said...

It was fun! Thanks for hosting; it was nice to be in a bit of a sanctuary, and then returning to Austin, it was one of those days where everyone was crazy. AKA I taught a LOT of grounding hip openers. Now to burn Anne that CD...