Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pictures from Practice

I am starting this pictures of with one of Spirit becuase she features prominently in the rest of the shots. WEe had a good practice today. Lots of backbends but we didn't push the warm up being as it was so hot. We skipped surya namaskar all together and worked with longer holds and really getting the quads opened. I think the tone was nicely mellow even though we got into some deep stuff.

Here is Spirit...

Jason- before this he had done a very lovely arm balance, I was just not quick enough with the camera.Hannah and MoshieMark, resting betwen pinca mayurasanas...

Kelly prepping for pinca... Kelly in eka pada koundinyasana for the first time!Jason and Spirit

Kelly and Spirit

Hannah and Spririt
Kelly in ekapada rajakapotasanaSvetha without the strap for the first time ever!
Me in natrajasana but slipping on my sweaty toes!
Kelly, ready for savasana and ready for me to put the freakin' camera down!

Here is our sequence:
Child's Pose- 2 minutes
Down Dog- 2 minutes
Uttanasana- 2 minutes
Sirsasana- 5 minutes
Handstands- 5 minutes
pinca mayurasana- 5 minutes
Supta padangustahsana (4 main variations)- 1 minutes each
eka pada supta virasana variations- 1 minute each
Lunge with elbows down
twisted lunge
eprk prep
lunge with back leg in ardha bhekasana
twisted lunge with quad stretch
eprk prep with back leg in ardha bhekasana
supta virasana- 5 minutes
paryankasana with block in upper back- 2 minutes
kapotasana pushing up to straight arms
vira 2
vira 2, rev.
surya yantrasna
yogi dandasana
Vira One
revoloved parsvakonasana
eka pada koundinyasana
urdhva prasarita ekapadasana
lunge with shoulder under leg hip stretch
eka pada koundinyasana 2
arms waving and touching the floor ustrasana
urdhva danurasana
eka pada urdhva danurasana
eka hasta urdhva danurasana
dwipada viparita dandasana
eka pada viparita dandasana
eprk 1-4
down dog
childs pose
revolved childs pose
jathara parivartonasana
uppa vistha konasana
parvsa uppavistha konasana

Have at it. The practice was a really fun time for me. I was a bit low in energy and felt a little off balance at the beginning. The practice was just what I needed- got a nice dose of good company, a lot of heart opening poses and I am delightfully sore from the effort and I am not overly tired. I am really enjoying these casual group practices. It has always been something I have loved doing with experienced students and I feel really hapy that peple are coming down here to practice with me. Love it.

After practice Kelly and I made veggie sandwiches and then went to se Kung Fu Panda which was excellent. I think that is anohter post. Something along th lines of "There is no special ingredient." Perhaps my class theme for tomorrow...


Jeremiah Wallace said...

Told you it was AWESOME!

Christina Sell said...

I meant to give you credit when I plugged it. When I was planning my blog entry I was going to say "Jeremiah said it was good and as usual, HE IS SO RIGHT!" but then I forgot that part when Iw as actually writing. I kept thinking about you while we were there.

Also I missed you in the back bending today even though Kelly already told me you were not coming. Hope the hammy is improving.

Pamela said...

The pix are awesome. It makes me want to ... GET A GREYHOUND! I am so sorry I wasn't there! You are amazing and a gift to all of us.